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Hip rotation in children who 'W' sit. A Pilot study

Posted on June 21, 2014 at 3:59 AM
Following  the initial paper on "abnormal sitting positions in children" data were collected  from  26 children who had previously attended  Beecroft Village Podiatry Clinic. Subject were assessed by the same podiatrist, the author, who has over 30 years experience. Subjects had attended the clinic for various reasons and had a full biomechanical examination performed. The subjects were not asked if they 'W' sat until after all measurements were completed. Therefore the examiner was not aware of any abnormal sitting position until the examination was completed.
Hip rotation was measured with the child sitting, the hip and knee were flexed. A gravity goniometer was strapped to the front of the leg and zeroed. The hip was then maximally internally and externally  rotated and the measurements noted.

Subject demographics

'W' sitters
Number  -  13 children , 26 hips
Mean age  -  6.8 years (range:  3.5 - 12.5 years)
Mean internal  hip rotation - 75.3˚ ± 9.5˚, external hip rotation - 46.8˚ ± 7.2˚

Number - 13 children, 26 hips
Mean age -  6-9 years  (range:  2.1 - 11 years)
Mean internal hip rotation -  46.8˚ ±  7.2˚. external hip rotation - 47.7˚ ± 6.7˚

graph.docx (DOCX — 18 KB)

Two Sample Students t-test was used to evaluate data.  Due to the intrinsic difficulties of measuring joint range of motion, the significance level was set at  p < 0.005. Subjects who 'W' sat had a significantly higher range of internal hip rotation (p<0.000) than the age matched controls but their external hip rotation was not significantly different (p=0.82) 

Categories: 'W' sitting - Pilot study

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