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      Beecroft Village Podiatry 

              ‚ÄčAll our staff are fully vaccinated

                                       Est. 1981


  • Initial Biomechanical Evaluation including video gait analysis when needed - $136.00

  • Initial General Treatment - $114.00
  • Follow-up Consultation -$86.00
  • Impression plaster casting - $86.00
  • Short Consultation - $69.00
  • Follow up mobilization - $69.00
  • Pair of custom-made orthoses - $528.00 to $608.00
  • Permanent partial nail removal (surgical) -
  • one toe $607, two toes $706
  • Soft orthoses from $40.00
  • Veterans Affairs patients - no gap
  • Enhanced Primary Care - patients who have any chronic medical condition (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, etc) may be eligible to claim a rebate from medicare for consultations only, NOT ORTHOSES. If you think you may qualify please see you doctor for an appropriate referral before attending the clinic.